#4 Hold a solo show

On March 12, 2016 my first solo show opened at Blueprint Records in downtown Lethbridge. The space filled with friends and strangers, as we enjoyed art, music, drinks, homemade cookies, laughter, community, and a whole lot of love. I have never felt so supported in my art and my life as I did that night.

It was magical.

I will forever be grateful to this place for giving me the opportunity, the space, and support to grow.


Blueprint Records, Kristin, Marc, Mom & Dad, Casa Bonita, Aubrey, Courtney, Rabbyt, Grand Central Stitchin', Tanya, Coulee, Toni, and you. With all my heart, thank you.

An extra huge and heart-felt thank you to Courtney Faulkner for capturing so many wonderful moments! See more of her photography on Instagram @existcreateevolve


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