Kiley Granberg
Art Jeweler and Fine Artist
Alberta, Canada

Kiley Granberg's art is fuelled by her two passions; one, being the creation and appreciation of beautiful objects, and the other, nature. She began creating art with the desire to celebrate the beautiful aspects of our world which she so often found outdoors. She finds joy in taking the time to find and admire these details then replicating them in a more permanent manner.

Kiley grew up exploring the outdoors, specifically, the west coast and the Rocky Mountains with her family. Over time she developed a great respect for the natural world and with this, found pleasure in sharing her enthusiasm.

Her art often depicts a natural image or form in the absence of human existence. By eliminating human impact, she is able to present the world as it once once, free of the global issues we face today. We have to accept the current state of our world and humanity; but by admiring the beautiful and untouched environment, we can strive to change our practices and preserve what is left. Kiley aims to inspire others to reconsider the way they view the world and hopefully, make a step towards a healthier, cleaner future.

All images are copyright © 2007 Kiley Granberg. All rights reserved.
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